"Music speaks what cannot be expressed soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to be the soul."


Trina Lee

Founder - President - Producer - Singer

Our founder Trina Lee has been a singer for 25 years and produced music for 10 years. She has worked with some prominent musicians in her career and was a voting member several years for the Grammys. Even though she was singing pop and country music it never connected to her soul. She has always felt there is something more; “I wanted to create music that vibrates through the body. A pure sound, not a synthesized or studio-engineered sound, often heard in today’s pop music.”

From the beginning she was creating a piece of music for herself, so she could sleep and achieve more balance through her meditations. “I have always followed my intuition and that is why my soul guided me to Austin.”

As a result, she researched what quality of sound meant to her, what tones she was singing. Specifically, the sound waves of the ocean and how these waves hold a vibration when they break on shore. She investigated how each part of the wave has a different tone than the next; what she found was the vibration of notes that holds a frequency of both high and low wavelengths. The higher the frequency, the higher the pitch ; a pure tone is a sine wave frequency.

“That is what my voice creates what is described by a pure sound.” 

Together, these synchronized frequencies result in more of a “pure vibration”.Which we now call “Pure Sound Therapy™.” And thus the foundation was created.

Our First Discovery

On January 2006, our founder Trina Lee was onboard a research vessel with a team from the International Cetacean: Education Resource Center off the big Island of Hawaii. This day was unusual they have just experienced an earthquake from Chūetsu Japan the night before and, after two aftershocks within three hours that day; they were still unable to locate dolphins. The oceanopgrapher John Float decided to place the speakers in the water and play the Kahele music—within minutes hundreds of dolphins circled the boat (for 2 hours which is extremely rare); later a whale and her baby arrived coming within 10 feet  from the boat. This was an epiphany for Trina which led to her being interviewed as a guest on Kona FM and on Siruius radio.  One of the interviews she was asked by a parent if his autistic son can listen to this music and thats when the research began.

Our Research

Our research has consisted culmination of years of global, scientific research in the development of music for Autism, PTSD and Neurosensory Disorders.