July 9, 2018


Kahele Foundation

Who We Are

Our organization helps balance the brain with a specific type of music that connects with the brainwaves of Alpha, Theta, and Sub Delta. It bridges the gap between body and mind.

What We Do

We have programs for Autism and PTSD to help develop a new way to balance the brain . We bring awareness and assist people affected by our cause through extensive programs and services.

Our Mission

To improve brain health through innovative treatments of sound therapy for Autism, PTSD and neurosensory disorders.



This specific type of music helps balance the brain relieving aggression. Helping slow down repetitive behaviors and eventually the seizures stop.



Many Va military and their family have found by participating in Kahele sound therapy. Reports of less frequent nightmares, insomnia, depression and agitation have lessened. They have found relief  from PTSD symptoms . The data provided evidence to support the theory that a PTSD sufferer’s quality of life will improve by this relatively simple, non- invasive technique.


Neurosensory Disorders

This music helped slow down  seizures and changed the respiratory and vital signs of several patients, relaxing the mind with a lower brainwave state.

A tool to help Autism

“The world needs different kinds of minds to work together.”

Our Experts

“This music is melodic; it brings out a healing in my patients that I haven’t seen before. Each time I work with them I see a difference in their attitude towards life.”
Dr. Doris Jones
 Psychotherapist at Kaiser Hospital for 35 years.
“We have a sound booth here in the facility and played the CD. It was amazing! We are utilizing it with the patients who have elevated blood pressure and already the music is relaxing them and decreasing their BP.”
Bridget Wallace
Founder/President of 360 Balance and Hearing, a clinic in Austin TX. Bridgett lectures and consults with the medical and therapeutic communities.
“This program has changed lives!”
Dr Rafael A De Haro
32 years of experience in pediatrics and  His specialties Diagnostic and treatment program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and operates a multidisciplinary. 
"Some that are highly sensitive to sound and touch, their aggression of biting and hitting has stopped and I have   noticed a drastic change in their behavior. This is faster than other programs, it helps them calm down and relax."
Susan Montgomery
works for "From the heart therapy" Her services is specializing with Autistic children in Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy.

"A new sound to help heal"

pure sound therapy


John, Vietnam Vet

I was amazed how I felt the first time listening to this music.

PTSD Video Testimonial

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A Treatment to Help PTSD

Pure Sound Therapy™

Our story

The Kahele Foundation is an  ongoing global, scientific research in the development of music, continues to show huge impact in the areas of children with autism, people with neurosensory disorders, traumatic brain injury and seizures. Helping  people who suffer from all forms of PTSD.

Our methodology includes analyzing the correlations between the brain and how it is affected by this music. Using Electroencephalography (EEG) to monitor the electrical activity in the brain. We observed the left and right sides of the brain synchronizing within as little as 5 minutes. We also discovered this music changes the brain wave patterns into theta, sub delta and gamma states; scientists are now discovering gamma brainwaves is the highest frequency. 

Neuroscientists believe that gamma waves are able to link information from all parts of the brain and not only that, but the entire brain is influenced by the gamma wave. People with very high levels of gamma activity are exceptionally intelligent, compassionate, happy, and have excellent memories and strong self-control. IQ scores of people with high gamma wave activity are correspondingly high. The use of specific frequency brainwaves to influence mood or improve cognition, a recent study noted that  “a protocol that alternatively ascended and descended from beta to gamma [waves] enhanced arithmetic skills and attention.”

Working with a behavioral therapist, specializing in occupational speech and physical therapy for autistic children, our research indicates the children often have an instantaneous response to the music. In some case studies of severely autistic children, (who cannot speak and are sensitive to sound) patients/parents noticed a dramatic change in their behavior including the elimination of aggressive behavior like biting and hitting.

Through the years we have collected countless stories of people’s personal experience with the music and how it has changed their lives.  

Meet The Team

Trina Lee

Founder & CEO


As the Founder and CEO of The Kahele Foundation for the past eight years, Trina Lee has been passionately leading the organization into the future while impacting the lives of those affected by autism, PTSD and Neurosensory Disorders. She is working to implement and evaluate programs and developing forward long-term strategic growth and sustainability plans.

Daniel Karayan



Daniel Karayan is accustomed to liaising with investors, private equity groups and venture capital firms providing financial and operational transparency. Daniel is a respected negotiator, legal strategist, effective leader and savvy relationship builder having worked throughout the US, UK, China, India, New Zealand and Canada.

Rebekah Maldonado



13 years as a legal assistant – duties include all patent and trademark docketing and various legal research,electronic filing for state and federal courts, and the USPTO; transcribing, filing and phones.



“Wonderful, she loves it, she listens to it every night, a miracle that there are no more seizures!”

Pat Norstrom- California

“My son is autistic and he is always hitting himself and us. His response to the music he calmed down! We pick him up from school with the music, we play with him with the music, for dinner he listens to the music and every time it calms him down. It’s like he switches from anger and than he is smiling!” 

Theresa-Austin TX

“My youngest one, who is PDDNOS absolutely loves the music. When he is throwing his temper tantrums, or he’s at his worst, we find it to be very calming, it will typically calm him down, settle him down, and put him to sleep. When nothing else will calm him, we put that on, it’s almost like a mute and off button for him. It relaxes him, puts him back the way he was before he lost his temper. We love it, absolutely this music can help other kids.”  

John- California

“My son struggles to verbally communicate and function with everyday life. His mother plays the music for him two times a day. “His reaction to the music is amazing! His tantrums are less and he is finally eating without a meltdown.” 

Tamy-Austin TX


“Thank you for doing this!  I am a disabled American combat veteran of Iraq and Bosnia.  Recognizing that sounds had a great deal to do with the damage caused to the brain, it makes total sense to me that music or another orchestrated sequence of sound could heal.” 

Clay-Austin Texas

“This music has helped me live in this world for the better. Suffering from PTSD and living the memories over again in my mind, I couldn’t sleep or work. This music has brought me back to life!  I can sleep for 7 hours waking up restful and not feeling emotional pain. The triggers don’t affect me, just play this music and let it sink into your brain.”
Thank you, Thank you.

Michael- Vietnam Vet

Gwenn & David have a son with high functioning Autism; unable to communicate; too sensitive to light, sound, touch, taste or smell.

“He’s calm, more relaxed, a happier boy!”

Gwenn & David- Austin Texas

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